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Mikrobielle Verockerung in technischen Systemen (Teil 2): Molekularbiologische und mikrobiologische Untersuchungen von Ockerproben

Schröder, J., Braun, B., Schwarzmüller, H., Menz, C., Grützmacher, G., Gnierss, G., Jordan, V., Macheleidt, W., Grischeck, T. and Szewzyk, U.

wwt Wasserwirtschaft-Wassertechnik, 33–36. 2014

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Mikrobielle Verockerung in technischen Systemen (Teil 1): Probenahme aus dem Filterbereich eines Trinkwasserbrunnens mit neuartigem Unterwasserkamera- und Probenahme-System.

Schwarzmüller, H., Menz, C., Grützmacher, G., Gnierss, G., Jordan, V., Schröder, J., Braun, B., Szewzyk, U., Macheleidt, W. and Grischeck, T.

wwt Wasserwirtschaft-Wassertechnik, 31–33. 2014

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Opening the black box of spring water microbiology from alpine karst aquifers to support proactive drinking water resource management

Savio, D., Stadler, P., Reischer, G., Kirschner, A., Demeter, K., Linke, R., Blaschke, A., Sommer, R., Szewzyk, U., Wilhartitz, I., Mach, R., Stadler, H. and Farnleitner, A.

WIREs water 2018

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Application of culture-independent methods to assess the bacteria removal efficiency of subsurface flow constructed wetlands.

Alexandrino, M., Grohmann, E., Szewzyk, R. and Szewzyk, U.

Water Science and Technology, 217–222. 2007

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Operation of different membrane bioreactors: experimental results and physiological state of the microorganisms

Rosenberger, S., Witzig, R., Manz, W., Szewzyk, U. and Kraume, M.

Water Science and Technology, 269–277. 2000

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Complexity of ultrafiltration membrane fouling caused by macromolecular dissolved organic compounds in secondary effluents.

Haberkamp, J., Ernst, M., Böckelmann, U., Szewzyk, U. and Jekel, M.

Water Research, 3153–3161. 2008

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In situ probing reveals Aquabacterium commune as a widespread and highly abundant bacterial species in drinking water biofilms

Kalmbach, S., Manz, W., Bendinger, B. and Szewzyk, U.

Water Research. Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 575–581. 2000

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Unraveling the microbial community of a cold groundwater catchment system

Braun, B., Schröder, J., Knecht, H. and Szewzyk, U.

Water research, 113 - 126. 2016

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Toxicity and microcystin content of extracts from a Planktothrix bloom and two laboratory strains.

Keil, C., Forchert, A., Fastner, J., Szewzyk, U., Rotard, W., Chorus, I. and Krätke, R.

Water Research, 2133–2139. 2002

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Population dynamics in anaerobic wastewater reactors: Modelling and in situ characterization

Merkel, W., Manz, W., Szewzyk, U. and Krauth, K.

Water Research, 2392–2402. 1999

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Performance of a bioreactor with submerged membranes for aerobic treatment of municipal waste water.

Rosenberger, S., Krüger, U., Witzig, R., Manz, W., Szewzyk, U. and Kraume, M.

Water Research, 413–420. 2002

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Microbiological aspects of a bioreactor with submerged membranes for aerobic treatment of municipal wastewater.

Witzig, R., Manz, W., Rosenbergerb, S., Krügerb, U., Kraumeb, M. and Szewzyk, U.

Water Research, 394–402. 2002

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Removal of pharmaceutical in aerated biofilters with manganese feeding

Zhang, Y., Zhu, H., Szewzyk, U. and Geissen, S.

Water Research, 218 - 226. 2015

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Influence of materials, water qualities and disinfection methods on the drinking water biofilm community (published online)

Roeder, R. S., Heeg, K., Tarne, P., Benölken, J. K., Schaule, G., Bendinger, B., Flemming, H.-C. and Szewzyk, U.

Water Practice & Technology 2010

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Development of a 16S rRNA-targeted fluorescence in situ hybridization probe for quantification of the ammonia-oxidizer Nitrosotalea devanaterra and its relatives

Restrepo-Ortiz, C., Merbt, S., Barrero-Canosa, J., Fuchs. and E.O., C.

Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 408-413. 2018

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