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List of Publications of the Chair


In situ identification of Legionellaceae using 16S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes and confocal laser scanning microscopy.

Manz, W., Amann, R., Szewzyk, R., Szewzyk, U., Stenström, T. A., Hutzler, P. and Schleifer, K. H.

Microbiology, 29–39. 1995

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Widefield deconvolution epifluorescence microscopy combined with fluorescence in situ hybridization reveals the spatial arrangement of bacteria in sponge tissue.

Manz, W., Arp, G., Schumann-Kindel, G., Szewzyk, U. and Reitner, J.

Journal of Microbiological Methods, 125–134. 2000

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In situ-Charakterisierung der Bakteriengemeinschaft von Trinkwasser und seinen Biofilmen

Manz, W., Kalmbach, S. and U., S.

Neueste Entwicklungen in der in situ-Charakterisierung mikrobieller Biozönosen in Abwasser, Oberflächengewässern, Grund- und Trinkwasser. Bayerisches Landesamt für Wasserwirtschaft, 163–173. 1998

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Effects of pH, electrolytes and microbial activity on the mobilization of PCB and PAH in a sandy soil

Marschner, B., Baschien, C., Sarnes, M. and Döring, U.

Effect of Mineral-organic-microorganism Interactions on Soil and Freshwater Environments: [proceedings of an International Symposium on the Effect of Mineral-organic-microorganism Interactions on Soil and Freshwater Environments, Held September 3-6, 1996,. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publ, 227–236. 1999

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Manganese-oxidizing bacteria isolated from natural and technical systems remove cylindrospermopsin

Martínez-Ruiz, E. B., Cooper, M., Fastner, J. and Szewzyk, U.

Chemosphere. Elsevier. 2020

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Population dynamics in anaerobic wastewater reactors: Modelling and in situ characterization

Merkel, W., Manz, W., Szewzyk, U. and Krauth, K.

Water Research, 2392–2402. 1999

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Microaerophilic, Fe(II)-dependent growth and Fe(II) oxidation by a Dechlorospirillum species.

Picardal, F. W., Zaybak, Z., Chakraborty, A., Schieber, J. and Szewzyk, U.

FEMS Microbiology Letters, 51–57. 2011

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Influence of materials, water qualities and disinfection methods on the drinking water biofilm community (published online)

Roeder, R. S., Heeg, K., Tarne, P., Benölken, J. K., Schaule, G., Bendinger, B., Flemming, H.-C. and Szewzyk, U.

Water Practice & Technology 2010

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Long-term effects of disinfectants on the community composition of drinking water biofilms.

Roeder, R. S., Lenz, J., Tarne, P., Gebel, J., Exner, M. and Szewzyk, U.

International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 183–189. 2010

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Performance of a bioreactor with submerged membranes for aerobic treatment of municipal waste water.

Rosenberger, S., Krüger, U., Witzig, R., Manz, W., Szewzyk, U. and Kraume, M.

Water Research, 413–420. 2002

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Operation of different membrane bioreactors: experimental results and physiological state of the microorganisms

Rosenberger, S., Witzig, R., Manz, W., Szewzyk, U. and Kraume, M.

Water Science and Technology, 269–277. 2000

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