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Spongiibacter marinus gen. nov., sp. nov., a halophilic marine bacterium isolated from the boreal sponge Haliclona sp. 1.
Zitatschlüssel Graeber2008
Autor Graeber, I. and Kaesler, I. and Borchert, M. S. and Dieckmann, R. and Pape, T. and Lurz , R. and Nielsen, P. and von Döhren, H. and Michaelis, W. and Szewzyk, U.
Seiten 585–590
Jahr 2008
DOI 10.1099/ijs.0.65438-0
Journal International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Jahrgang 58
Nummer Pt 3
Monat Mar
Institution D-10587 Berlin, Germany. i.graeber@web.de
Zusammenfassung Strain HAL40b(T) was isolated from the marine sponge Haliclona sp. 1 collected at the Sula Ridge off the Norwegian coast and characterized by physiological, biochemical and phylogenetic analyses. The isolate was a small rod with a polar flagellum. It was aerobic, Gram-negative and oxidase- and catalase-positive. Optimal growth was observed at 20-30 degrees C, pH 7-9 and in 3 \% NaCl. Substrate utilization tests were positive for arabinose, Tween 40 and Tween 80. Enzyme tests were positive for alkaline phosphatase, esterase lipase (C8), leucine arylamidase, acid phosphatase, naphthol-AS-BI-phosphohydrolase and N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase. The predominant cellular fatty acid was C(17 : 1) omega8, followed by C(17 : 0) and C(18 : 1) omega7. Analysis by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight MS was used to characterize the strain, producing a characteristic low-molecular-mass protein pattern that could be used as a fingerprint for identification of members of this species. The DNA G+C content was 69.1 mol\%. Phylogenetic analysis supported by 16S rRNA gene sequence comparison classified the strain as a member of the class Gammaproteobacteria. Strain HAL40b(T) was only distantly related to other marine bacteria including Neptunomonas naphthovorans and Marinobacter daepoensis (type strain sequence similarity >90 \%). Based on its phenotypic, physiological and phylogenetic characteristics, it is proposed that the strain should be placed into a new genus as a representative of a novel species, Spongiibacter marinus gen. nov., sp. nov.; the type strain of Spongiibacter marinus is HAL40b(T) (=DSM 17750(T) =CCUG 54896(T)).
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