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PCR-based detection of mobile genetic elements in total community DNA.
Zitatschlüssel Smalla2000
Autor Smalla, K. and E. Krögerrecklenfort and H. Heuer and W. Dejonghe and E. Top and M. Osborn and J. Niewint and C. Tebbe and M. Barr and M. Bailey and A. Greated and C. Thomas and S. Turner and P. Young and D. Nikolakopoulou and A. Karagouni and A. Wolters and J. D. van Elsas and K. Drønen and R. Sandaa and S. Borin and J. Brabhu and E. Grohmann and P. Sobecky
Seiten 1256–1257
Jahr 2000
Journal Microbiology
Jahrgang 146 ( Pt 6)
Monat Jun
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