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Experimental studies of the effects of thermal energy storage in an aquifer (Geo-En)


Efficiency and reliability of energy systems with seasonal energy storage in aquifers for urban areas; partial project: Experimental studies of the effects of thermal energy storage in the aquifer

In cooperation with Geochemisches Gemeinschaftslabor (Institute of Applied Geosciences, Faculty VI, TU Berlin), Geo-EN Energy Technologies GmbH, GFZ and UdK


The aim of the project is to use highly efficient geothermal energy by means of the "Integral Probe Type II" and to develop an innovative process for its operation and thus to achieve a fundamental leap in performance.

The work is based on already completed development of a first type integral probe by Geo-En. The integral probe is a groundwater circulation system which pumps groudwater through a heat pump to extract heat, and then reinjects it into the same bore hole. Underground, it is reintroduced several meters higher than it was withdrawn.

In this way, the ground water circulates in the rock, removing so much heat from the surface, that an integral probe is sufficient to heat an inner-city, multi-party house or office building.


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