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Membrane biofouling

Biofouling on hollow fiber membrane
Lupe [1]
Biofilm from the Odertal (green: lectin, red: bacterial dye)
Lupe [2]

Investigation of membrane biofouling relevant biofilms on different surfaces in engineered systems using modern microscopic and molecular biological methods. Among other things, a new confocal laser scanning microscope is used for precise spatial analysis of the biofilms.

Actinomycetes in a biofilm from the Mummert (Unteres Odertal)
Lupe [3]
Actinomycete with iron precipitation
Lupe [4]
Lupe [5]

Funded by BMBF

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Dr. rer. nat. Burga Braun
+ 49 30 314 73566
Room BH-N 615
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