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Environmental MicrobiologyInfluence of iron depositing microorganisms in the clogging of water bodies in the brown coal region Lausitz

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Influence of irondepositing microorganisms in the clogging of water bodies in the brown coal Lausitz region

In this work, the influence of irondepositing microorganisms in sedimentation of iron ochre in the brown coal Lausitz region is investigated. Samples are collected from affected water bodies and possible iron depositing-microorganisms are identified by population analyzes.

The objective is to develop a biotechnological method for the purification of contaminated water by controlled precipitation of iron ocher in a bioreactor. Predominantly local tests will first be conducted to develop a suitable, natural microorganism community.

In addition, neutrophilic irondepositing bacteria are studied for a basic understanding of their physiology and biochemistry, and to illuminate molecular mechanisms. For this purpose, some of initially selected, existing strains of the work group are characterized; subsequently genes or proteins involved in the iron oxidation will be identified via various biochemical and molecular biological methods.


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