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TU Berlin

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Research topics:


Taxonomy and phylogenetics of aquatic hyphomycetes

  • Molecular taxonomy and systematics of aquatic hyphomycetes, investigation of species concepts.
  • Induction of teleomorph stages of aquatic hyphomycetes.
  • Ecology of aquatic hyphomycetes.
  • Development and evaluation of rRNA-targeted FISH and CARD-FISH probes for fungi.
  • DGGE analysis of fungal populations from leaf litter.
  • Interactions of freshwater fungi and (e. g. iron-oxidising) bacteria.

Freshwater Bacteria in the hyphasphere

  • Measurement of allelochemicals, extracellular enzymes, iron oxidation, siderophore- and CO2-production of freshwater fungi and stream bacteria.
  • Use of reporter systems (GFP, DsRed) in aquatic hyphomycetes.



  • Dr. Ludmila Marvanov√° (CCM Brno, Czech Republic).
  • Dr. Maria Leichtfried (Austrian Academy of Science, Department of Limnology, Lunz am See / Mondsee.)

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