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UMBOT - Video Clip Award

The Environmental Microbiology Oder Valley Video Clip Award:

The diversity and dynamics of microorganisms can not always be captured in photographs. The UMBOT video clip award is intended to contribute to the increased use of the potential of moving images in the future. The possibility to record audio tracks makes it possible to comment directly on the behavior shown in the video.

Amber snail

An amber snail infected with sporocysts of Leucochloridium paradoxum. These parasite larval colonies migrate to the snail's tentacles, where they move in a pulsating manner. Together with the cross-banded colour pattern of the sporocyst, this mimics a caterpillar, to which insect-eating birds (the worm's next host) are attracted.

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Creeping Thecamoebidae

The filmed thecamoebida creeps cautiously over the object carrier and shows very pronounced pseudopodia. By the absolute renouncement of editing and camera control, the film radiates a great calm.

Video: U. Bayarsaikhan, S. Ceylan & R. Weiler (400x magnification and phase contrast)



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This video has taken a second place and documents the interesting behavior of a huge palm-shaped colony of hundreds of cells of Zoothamnium arbuscula. These complex colonies can reach a height of several millimeters. In the event of a fault, for example by means of a pasteur pipette (see video), they contract rapidly in a spherical manner and unfold a short time later.

Video: M. T. Kettner & B. Schmidt (binocular image from the plankton of the "Bogengraben")

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Rotifers in Action

This third-placed video shows the life style of a rotifer. It has stuck to the substrate with its foot. Its rotifer organ is everted, but can be moved in favor of a "nose". The pulsating structure in the interior represents the stomach in which absorbed particle can be crushed.

Video: U. Bayarsaikhan, S. Ceylan & R. Weiler (400x magnification), rotifer out of "Mummert"



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